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Bingo Bonanza is not a mobile-bingo game, but that is no reason for bingo lovers to pooh-pooh it as something impure or wimpy or something. It has merit as a game in and of itself, even though it’s a hybrid and can’t fit into any slots — but as All Slots points out, ‘instant game’ is probably the best general term for Bingo Bonanza. And again, this does not mean it lacks interest for bingo’ers. There are two things to point out here:

  • one, a mobile app necessarily must scale-down a known online game (more about this below); and
  • two, many scratch cards carry a hobbyist theme or entertainment theme, which may as well be bingo!

It’s as if the developers of the Bingo-Bonanza app, Microgaming, zoomed right up to one single element of the game of bingo, even of physical in-the-hall-bingo: the bingo balls, of course! Bingo Bonanza has a close-up scene. This is a simple scene, the one you’d see if you were right up with the bingo callers and judges at the games. You see the large metal-wire globe that turns churning the numbered, coloured balls. You see the holding tray for the selected balls. And from that point onward, it behaves more like an instant-win game than a prolonged round of bingo. The object is to simply have two identical balls out of six roll down into that tray. It happens in a 1-2-3…6 flash. Whatever bonus, like 2x or 10x, pictured on your two matching balls is the factor of your winning payout. You can win up to £20,000, and so therefore, this is no pedestrian game at all.  Looking for no deposit Bingo? Read all about it here..

Can you imagine raking in a cool £10K on your phone playing Bingo Bonanza while riding the bus home from work? Anyway, say you roll two 3x balls and you wagered a pound. Three pounds won, and so forth. Very simple. And that, is why it’s a popular mobile game. It was tempting to say it was a ‘mobile bingo’ game, but really we should rather say that it’s a great instant game for bingo enthusiasts, or, those who love any kind of game of chance involving numbered balls and a tumbler. But as we said at the start, the simplicity of this app’s play is its good quality rather than a lack. You want a phone game that lets you tap Play and get the jolt in a moment, before you dash around doing something else, like getting yourself home at the end of the day. Bingo Bonanza has the game-play timing for a ‘mobile’ application right, and let’s admit it: we do like its bingo-like theme. The graphics are clean and bright. The controls are easy. Plus, the winnings chart is large and always visible. You’ll need that handy!